About Soccer Boosters

Scarborough Soccer Boosters Needs Your Support!


School activity fees do not provide all of the financial support the high school soccer program needs. Our coaches and athletes count on the support they get from the booster club. Without the support of our parents and friends, the boosters are unable to fund many important programs for the team, so please continue to provide your time and donations in support of our teams!



Where your Booster Money goes....


Coaches Clinics

Maine Coaches Association- State & National

Coaches CPR Training

Senior Photos/frames

Senior Gifts

Summer Soccer Tournaments

Summer Soccer League Registration and Ref Fees

Summer Soccer Coaching – Boys

Summer Soccer Coaching – Girls

Equipment Wish list

Uniform Socks – boys/girls

Team Booklet

Season Banquet boys/girls

Championship Banquets boys/girls

Championship Jackets (to the extent the budget allows)


How can you help?


Pay moderate registration fees for summer and fall soccer

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Participate in the Amato's fundraiser

Volunteer at the fall concessions

Participate in booster club meetings

Purchase Parent Ads for Team Booklet

Fill and return Soccer Booster Clynk Bags

Make additional financial donations to the club