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Amato's Fundraiser

Scarborough High School Soccer Boosters Fundraiser


Welcome to the annual Scarborough High School Soccer fundraiser where all players participate to raise funds that support many annual expenses including equipment, uniforms, coaching clinics, the annual banquet and more.  The importance of Booster support to the soccer program increases every year as school budget funding comes under more pressure. This effort generates approximately half of the annual budget, where the other half comes from generous local businesses in the form of corporate sponsorships. Thank you all for your help.



This is the annual Amato’s Coupon Booklet fundraiser that has been successful over the past few years.  Each player will receive 20 booklets to sell, where booklets sell for $10 each.  These booklets are a great value, with many good buys for families and students!  Think about selling these booklets to family, friends, co-workers, and people in your neighborhood.


All money raised by the Boosters is reinvested in the soccer program at Scarborough High School.  Prize incentives are available for booklet sales at various levels. The High School soccer program receives 50% of the profits for the first 1,000 booklets sold. The more booklets we sell the higher percentage the soccer program receives from each booklet sale.



This fundraiser runs during pre-season. More details to be provided in August.



In a team system, ideally everyone pitches in equally.  For this fundraiser, and based on prior years’ experience, everyone’s fair share minimum goal is 15 booklets sold. Any booklets not sold are to be turned in at the end of the fundraiser. Any booklets not turned in are the responsibility of the player to pay for them.